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Benefits of Having a Rainwater Tank in the Summer

A common misconception about Australian plumbers is that they have limited skills. However, this stereotype couldn’t be more false! Yes, Greg Mitchell plumbers are qualified to repair blocked drains and broken gutters, but we can do so much more. Greg Mitchell offers a wide variety of services including the installation and maintenance of septic tanks, wood heaters, and rainwater tanks. With summer rapidly approaching in Australia, it might be time for you to start considering having a rainwater tank installed.

Here’s why:


As the temperatures rise in the summer, we will all be using more water. However, water bills can become extremely expensive. But rainwater is free! Installing a rainwater tank is a fantastic alternative because it can collect rain in the wetter months that can then be used in the hotter summer months. Additionally, if you own a swimming pool, using your rainwater tank to fill the pool instead of tap water can save you hundreds- if not thousands- of dollars on your summer water bill.

Health benefits

While many believe that all water is the same, it actually isn’t. For example, rainwater is pure, “soft” water, unlike water that comes out of the taps. Washing your hair with rainwater can make it much stronger, softer, and shinier because it isn’t full of chemicals, like “hard” water. Unlike water that comes from the taps, rainwater is also unpolluted. While it’s still recommended that rainwater be filtered before consumed, it’s much healthier for your body than drinking tap water.

Better gardens

When it comes to watering gardens, “soft” water is much better than “hard” water. “Hard” water contains a plethora of chemicals that simply aren’t present in “soft” rainwater. If you use a rainwater tank to water your garden, you will notice fairly quickly how much greener your garden is- and how much faster it grows!


Very few people know that installing rainwater tanks is actually fantastic for the environment. When rainwater tanks are used for rainwater harvesting, the water collected into a rainwater tank after storms can actually reduce stormwater runoff and prevent the flooding of waterways. However, the main reason why rainwater tanks are so great for the environment is because they help prevent water pollution. When stormwater runs through the streets, it picks up substances on the ground like oil and chemicals and sends them directly into stormwater drains. When rainwater tanks are used to collect stormwater, this water doesn’t have the chance to contaminate the public water supply.

At Greg Mitchell plumbing, we have the skills to repair any plumbing issue. However, installation and maintenance of rainwater tanks is one of our areas of expertise. In Queensland, owning a rainwater tank can come in handy- especially in the summer. If you’re interested in having a rainwater tank installed or learning more about them, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to come out for a consultation and give you a fast and affordable quote.

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