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The Benefits of a Locally Owned and Operated Plumbing Company

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

What do you look for when hiring a plumbing company? You’re most likely interested in plumbers that are certified and insured. You probably would also like to work with a company that has good reviews. In 2018, many people also will only hire a company if they have a website that explains who they are, what they do and shows proof of happy customers. These are all very important factors to consider when hiring a plumbing company- or any service provider for that matter- but it’s missing one of the most important factors: hiring a company that is locally owned and operated. Many people don’t put this item on their checklist because they are unaware of how important it truly is. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a locally owned and operated plumbing company:

Local companies have a well-known reputation

One of the best reasons to hire a local plumbing company is because they care about their reputation. Larger companies that are based farther away don’t care as much about their clients because, after working on their home, they’ll most likely never see them again. They could do a mediocre job and never face the repercussions. However, locally owned and operated companies could run into their clients anywhere. At Greg Mitchell Plumbing, we pride ourselves on our honesty, loyalty and hard work and will go to any length to satisfy our clients.

Local companies are personal

When you begin working with a plumbing company, it’s important that you can trust them. When the plumbing company is locally owned and operated, you have the chance to get to the know the owners and workers of the company personally and build a relationship with them. This comes in handy because plumbing issues come up quite frequently, so it’s important that you have a company you can trust.

Local companies are only a phone call away

When you hire a large company that is both unfamiliar with your local area and located far away, what happens if you have a plumbing emergency? If you call this kind of company, it will take them ages to get to you and they may not even be able to come out after their standard hours. When you hire a locally owned and operated company like Greg Mitchell, we are only a phone call away. We could arrive at your home in a matter of minutes and fix your plumbing emergency without a hitch.

At Greg Mitchell Plumbing, we are dedicated to our clients and passionate about our community. We are locally owned and operated out of Murgon and faithfully serve the North and South Burnett Regions. We love serving our local area because it gives us a chance to truly get to know our clients and build meaningful relationships with them. This is how we’ve operated since 2004 and it’s the reason why we have so many regular clients today. Hiring local plumbers doesn’t only benefit us at Greg Mitchell, but it benefits you as well. When you hire a local service provider, you are able to check their ratings and reviews, see their work and verify their credentials much easier than you would be able to if you hired a large company from another Region. If you would like to know more information about our company and the work we do, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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