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Top Myths About Wood Heaters

Unfortunately, there are many negative stereotypes perpetuated about wood heaters. Despite the fact that wood heaters are common in Australian homes, many Australians still believe these myths. Wood heater technology has advanced significantly in recent years and not only are today’s wood heaters safe, but they are also incredibly efficient. Here are just a few myths about wood heaters that need to be debunked:

Wood heaters waste energy

While many people believe that wood heaters waste energy, in reality they are quite energy efficient. While older versions of wood heaters may have used a significant amount of energy, newer wood heater models can burn for up to 14 hours. When a wood heater burns for this long, it means that your entire home can get warm and toasty without using excess resources.

Wood heaters are too hot for spring and autumn

A common myth about wood heaters is that they can only be used in the winter. The belief is that wood haters burn too hot and would become uncomfortable in months that at chilly, but not freezing. However, this isn’t the case at all! Wood heaters can be used year-round when screen fronts are used because it regulates the heat. Alternatively, temperature can be regulated by using specific types and sizes of wood. At the end of the day, heat given off from burning wood is so much more enjoyable, regardless of the time of year.

Wood heaters are unsafe

Unfortunately, many people believe that using wood heaters makes for an unsafe situation. In fact, some people who have homes with wood heaters will refuse to use them for this reason! Truthfully, when wood heaters are installed properly and maintained regularly by a trained professional, they are extremely safe. Some chimneys today even come with high-temp technology!

Wood heaters decrease air quality

An understandable myth about wood heaters is that they are bad for the air quality. Because burning wood traditionally creates billowy grey smoke, it’s easy to believe that wood heaters would damage health. However, wood heaters today use clean air technology. This technology lessens the harmful environmental impacts of burning wood.

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