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Why You Should Get a Rainwater Tank

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Our climate is changing. It’s a scary reality, but one that we are living in every day. Fossil fuel emissions, greenhouse gases and global warming are growing concerns and they are all having a direct impact on the environment. You may notice that summers are warmer and coming later in the year, while winters are shorter and met with less rainfall. In many areas of the world, Australia included, droughts are becoming more and more common. A simple, economical and cost-efficient solution is to use rainwater. It’s becoming increasingly common to own a rainwater tank and for good reasons! Here are a few benefits of owning a rainwater tank:

You will save money

It’s no secret that water bills are expensive in Australia, especially in the summer. If you live alone, the water bills may be manageable, but if you have a big family- forget about it. Between water used for cooking, baths, showers, doing laundry, and even the amount of times you flush the toilet can make your water bill so expensive that it may be virtually unpayable. Unlike municipal water, rainwater is absolutely free! Using rainwater can drastically reduce the amount of money you spend on your water bill every month.

You will always have enough water

During the warmer months, people use more water. However, in times of drought, which are common during the warmer months, water may not be as readily available. But we need water to live, so if there is water restrictions and no rainfall, how will we get it? The best solution is to install a rainwater tank. Rainwater can be stored indefinitely, so the water you store up when there is rainfall can be used whenever it’s needed. In times of drought, this can be a true lifesaver.

You can help save the environment

The world’s water supply is finite. At the rate that we are currently using our water supply, it’s not absurd to think that we may be running out in the near future. In some major cities, like Cape Town, South Africa, this is already a reality. Water conservation is crucial if we are going to continue having enough water in Australia and if we want to help save the environment. The environment is under constant attack because its natural resources- like water- are stolen and used in excess. By installing a rainwater tank and recycling water, you could be doing your part to save the environment.

If all this talk about rainwater tanks has peaked your interest, we have some good news: Greg Mitchell Plumbing is trained in installing and replacing rainwater tanks. If you’re interested in having a rainwater tank installed in your home, we’re only a call away. We are licensed, fully insured and are committed to satisfying our customers.

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